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omen's average representation in state legislatures was 24.9 percent. This rate placed the country at only the 72nd in global ranking. The gender wage gap was 21 pe▓rcent. The percentage of women in poverty increased over t

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he past decade, from 12.1 percent to 14.5 percent, wi▓th a higher rate of poverty than men. Poor and immi▓grant women faced severe barriers in accessing sexual and reproductive health services. Women faced▓ fatal consequences

of lack of gun control, in particular in cases of domestic violence. The statement also expressed concerns over vio


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December 11, 2015, the United Nations Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in pr

lence against women ▓in detention as well as the alarming high rates of violence against Native-Ameri▓can women (www.ohchr.org, December 11, 2015).Women were▓ suffering workplace discrimination. A report released by the U.S

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. Census Bureau in September 2015 revealed that women in the U.S. wer▓e p

aid 79 cents for every dollar paid to men in 2014, amounting to a yearly wage gap of 10,762 U.S. dollars betw▓een full-time working men and women (www.census.gov). The United Nations' Inter

nt after a mission to the United State

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